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April 12, 2008

Valhalla, I am coming!

I hate P90's in Call of Duty 4. The gun, while having a cool design, sounds like an airsoft gun (worse than an airsoft gun, even). It also has ridiculous range and accuracy for its rate of fire, and the way it shows up on people's backs is retarded.

I know CoD4 is touted for its incredible graphics and all that, but in polishing all these things they neglected the animations to the point that I almost can't stand watching people in third person because of how dumb they look. Hell, when they do the reload animations, which don't even fit most of the weapons, I want to punch an Infinity Ward employee. Although I'd rather have these minimal graphics problems than Gears of War's triple-A badly-coded glitchfest, I'm an incredible nit-picker at times.

On that subject, couldn't Grand Theft Auto 4 have at least improved their goddamn facial graphics? I mean, really. Everything else got a face-lift. Besides the faces. Bitter irony as usual, Rockstar.

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Tha Pirateninja said...

The P90 is currently one of the most overrated guns in the media, right up there with anything made by Colt. Every game with one overpowers the hell out of it just because it looks cool, and always ends up beiing the best SMG in the game, when it's nowhere near that effective IRL. That's why I hate P90's in gaming.