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April 21, 2008

Special Ed(ition)

Ok first off, anybody who wants to toss an "I told you so!" my way can go fuck off, because I had no idea how awesome this thing was. In case you're lost, I have just decided that I will be purchasing the GTA IV Special Edition instead of the Peasant's Edition. Anybody who has talked to me about this particular SE before probably recalls me calling it "Stupid","Pointless extra crap", or just saying "I just want the fucking game, who needs a dumbass duffel bag?". Well, I was wrong, because all the stuff is actually kickass. Now, allow me to explain the reasons behind my sudden change of mind.

First of all, the Exclusive Soundtrack and The Official Artbook. Now, I'm not very enthusiastic when it comes to music, but GTA IV has to have a pretty impressive soundtrack. With 19 radio stations (16 of which are dedicated to music), this game is guaranteed to have a HUGE and most likely a quality soundtrack. Even if I'll barely listen to it, it's still a nice collector's item. But the artbook on the other hand, will be very nice for me. I have always found R*'s bunch of artist's to be very talented, and having an entire handbook of their great work will be awesome.

My second point is the duffel bag and the lock box. I shouldn't have to explain why these things are awesome, but I'll do so anyways. Actually wait, If you honestly don't want this duffel bag and lock box you need to never buy any SE ever again. This is honestly the best SE of this generation, with a low price for such a high amount of content, this is a deal that only idiots will pass up.

Well, eight more days guys, can't wait to visit Liberty City!


Anonymous said...

To bad I already pre-ordered the peasants edition.

Oh well.

DW said...

i already preordered the peasants, but its okay, i would of just sold it on Ebay and bought the cheap version later anyway.

Tha Pirateninja said...

Don't worry guys! I pre-ordered the Peasent's Edition at first, but Gamestop let me upgrade, and it was today!