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April 11, 2008

Dualshock 3 Impressions, From a Sixaxis Supporter.

In the beginning, back when Sony said that we didn't need rumble, I believed them, now though I'm beginning to question Sony execs intelligence. Having lived without it for over a year now, you could only imagine how surprised I was when I first started playing with it.

First off the bat, I put in the Super Stardust demo (didn't feel like hunting for a disc). And as soon as I started playing it, it instantly felt satisfying to feel each little rumble in the controller every time I hit a asteroid or launched my boost.

After playing various games from my growing collection I stopped at one game, Warhawk. The rumble implementation in Warhawk is amazing. For example, I was in a sniper tower scouting the enemy with my sniper. All of the sudden one of my teammates blew up a jeep beneath me. I felt a slight rumble that made me aware of the sudden occurrence below, but didn't quite make my controller rumble off its hinges like before in larger explosions. This made me realize what I've been missing.

But I can't just talk about how all the good times I had. I unfortunately have to talk about the cons. First of, to not give your hopes up, the controller is exactly the same except for three things. It has rumble, its noticeably heavier, and the sticks are slightly more accurate. That means yes, the triggers still make you question how long their gonna last before they snap. And the analog sticks are still hard to aim with for most First Person Shooter games.

Overall, any avid Playstation fan should pick this up if they have the extra cash to spare.


Tha Pirateninja said...

Nice review, I like how you didn't fanboy it up.

Anonymous said...

It was hard, but I held back my Sony-Loving emotions.

Tha Pirateninja said...

Your mom loves sony emotions