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April 11, 2008


Scratch that. I meant a soft g at the end. So... g as in Gerber Baby Foods, not g as in Gerald.

Also, to make this post not completely worthless:

To all who were pissed off that Battlefield: Bad Company was going to be utilizing microtransactions (read: you pay 3 bucks and get a bunch of downloadable guns), rage no more. Electronic Arts, in all their cancerous wisdom, have canceled the pay plan. Instead, those who buy the Gold Edition get the guns from the get-go (say that 5 times fast) while those who invest in the Standard edition ($70 vs. $60) get them when they reach the level cap of 25 online.

EA has also announced 5 more weapons, with varyingly annoying methods of unlocking. Although I'd rather have these free than payed for, I'd almost rather pay for them later than do all 5 prerequisites (each weapon unlocks seperately). It is appreciated though, and a very clever way to get people more involved in Battlefield's community and online opportunities.

The question is, will anyone still buy this game? EA has had enough faith in it to launch a closed beta for IGN insiders, which has generated a small amount of hype and positive feedback from users, Kotaku bloggers, and Nate Ahearn of IGN (lol). If you've clicked on the title for this post, you can see the IGN article related to it. One of them claims that a weapon unlocks for you if you've played the demo of Bad Company. I'm happy to hear that eventually, we'll all get a shot at the dynamically destructible craziness. Hopefully we'll get a chance to test both offline and online, but I'm betting the demo will give you a taste of single-player only. It would be wise of EA to give us some multiplayer fun, though, since none of the 99 people on my friends list even have the beta, and most of their friends don't have it either.

Sorry if this was a little long, but given that you've somehow made it to this website, I'm assuming you can read. Idiots beware.


Jayge said...

Shit I suck.

I'm sorry I forgot to include that in the title.

I'm new at this o.o

Tha Pirateninja said...

You can also get into the beta through Bad Company reservation, I'll probably shell out the 5 bucks when I add money to GTAIV just to check it out.