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April 16, 2008

Blog Updates

Hello again.
I've just come by to tell you that I have made a few changes around here.

On the links sections to the right instead of seeing a link to our "official" forums, you see links to AAF exclusives and GTA4 articles.

I thought the removal of the forums link was a must for now. My main reason for doing so is because its just plain dead weight. It was kind of embarrassing to see our blog getting bigger with more posts, but then going to see the forums literally empty with 2 posts. But don't fret, as soon as we get a decent amount of people coming to the site I will put the link back in.

As for the links that are there now, I think they speak for themselves. It not only makes the whole blog feel more connected, but it also allows newer visitors to see quality posts from the past.


Jayge said...

That's actually a really good idea Josh.

And to think I was losing hope in you.

Anonymous said...

Losing hope in me, why?
Is it because of my grammar?
I was losing faith in you being the only heterosexual on Xbox Live.

Sir.Mindless said...

...You guys had a didn't know that.