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May 5, 2008

What He Said

Basically the first part of my post is a copycat of Tha PirateNinja's. We've all been so caught up in GTA IV that we haven't even thought about the blog.

Secondly I would just like to make everyone aware that Blogger has added a new feature that could prove very useful. Now when you click post options and change the "post date & time" to sometime in the future, blogger will post it at that time. For more info check your dashboard.

Finally I'd like to give everyone an insight on what's coming next. First, (since I've finally managed to log on to MGO BETA) I will post an exclusive video of me playing in the training arena. Next, don't expect the GTA IV reviews for at least another week (DAMN YOU SNOW STORM). Lastly, I'm going to start doing a weekly wrap-up of the weeks top 5 stories.

Oh, almost forgot, next week I will (with the help of dedicate a post to analyzing GTA IV sales data.

PS: I'm trying to figure out a way for us to post small things that don't necessarily need a whole post dedicated to the topic. *Considers Twitter*

Well, back to being extremely frustrated with 3-star police.

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