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May 10, 2008

Weekly Recap

Well here it is, the weekly recap that I alluded to in my earlier post .

5. At number 5 we have a story from which announces the retirement of Surfer Girl , a blogger that semi-accurately predicted lots of things in the video game industry.
What I Think: Meh, who cares? I never liked Surfer Girl because I saw many instances that she incorrectly predicted when and what games would be announced and so on. The only things she predicted correctly were things I could've predicted myself.

4. At number 4 we have Yahtzee's video entry for this week "Mailbag Showdown". He did this for two reasons, the throes of Brawl fans that invaded his inbox and that he needed a little more time to play GTA IV.
What I Think: I personally thought that it was hilarious. Although Brawl fans and this guy will tell you different.

3. At number 3 we have an article from announcing that DOOM 4 is in development.
What I Think: Never played a DOOM game (gasp) so you can guess that I don't care.

2. At number 2 we have another article from announcing that the Bioshock movie is in development, and that Gore Verbinski will be directing. They also report that Take-Two executive chairman Strauss Zelnick has been quoted as saying that this project will actually be made (referencing the Halo movie).
What I Think: Even though I don't own a 360 and have only ever played a demo of Bioshock, I think I'll actually go to the theaters to see this.

1. Finally at number 1 we have the premiere gameplay video of Gears of War 2. And here it is now, courtesy of

What I Think: Well after looking at a comparison from Gametrailers I'm proud of Epic for stepping out of the "gray zone", if you know what I mean.

Well that's about it for Attention All Friends Weekly Recap.

1 comment:

Tha Pirateninja said...

Doom 4 will suck like 3. I only liked the original, and never played 2.