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May 11, 2008

MGO Training

Exclusive Video From Reload92


DW said...

Using a capture card??

Would you reccomend picking one up?

ben said...

That's all very nice, but I don't think I really grasp where the fun in this game is.

Diamond Visi0n said...

looks ok

Tha Pirateninja said...

He wasn't even playing a real game, just showing off some new stuff. Don't try and judge it off of this video.

Anonymous said...

This is the Training Mode for Metal Gear Online. It's like Virtual Opps but for MGO. It's there so players can work on tactics or test out how to do certain CQC grabs, a lot of which can take some time to work out but're worth the wait.

The main game is Player vs. Player of course. Don't judge from training. The main game feature is amazing. Just think MGS online. Simple as that.