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May 15, 2008

Rocking The Dragon

The Dragonball Z: Burst Limit (DBZ:BL) demo was released today, so after downloading it over some GTA IV playtime I decided to give it a spin. I want to tell you now, I'll be giving my impressions of the demo, and this will be a bit bias since I'm a huge DBZ fan and a fan of the Budokai series. First thing that hit me was the intro. When I heard the music I immediately recognized it to be one of the Japanese DBZ openings, and probably the best DBZ opening song (yes, even better than "Rock the Dragon"). The opening was done extremely well, with many famous scenes of the show playing in harmony with the music while also showing small parts of fight scenes. The best intro of any DBZ game, easily. It really made a good start for the demo.

So, I get to the menu, skim the controls, press A, and get to the Z CHRONICLES menu. From there, I selected the first real fight of DBZ, Goku vs. Raditz. I watched the small scene, very fateful to the show, and BAM! I was launched into the fight without warning, just like a real DBZ fight. I immediately noticed that the Budokai engine had received a huge overhaul (as only a Budokai fan like me could notice) and now the controls were tighter, more responsive, and smooth. The fights are also much faster, just like a real DBZ fight, and this added a whole new level of intensity to the game. In the midst of the duel between me and Raditz, I paused to check the command list. Then I realized that Budokai now boasted a movelist like a real fighter, and was no longer a button masher for the kiddies. After I started to utilize these moves, I noticed a brand new feature in action, Drama Scenes. When either opponent trigger certain requirement(s), it will launch into a small few second cutscene which will add an effect to the user once finished. For example, after Raditz started to blast me with a special attack, my Piccolo drama scene triggered, where he jumps in and kicks my opponent, adding damage and taking fatigue from him. This new feature could end up being cheap if not kept balanced, but it definitely made it feel more DBZ. I finally finished Raditz off with a super Kamehameha, earning myself a Z ranking afterward.

Next up was Yamcha vs. Saibamen, a tragic tale indeed, but still fun as hell. Yamcha is definitely a speed player, with fast moves and movement, coupled with the Wolf Fang Fist and his signature Spirit Ball (Ball, not Bomb, there's a difference!). I had a very fast paced battle with the Saibamen, but ultimately longed for a tougher opponent. I actually found Yamcha's full moveset more diverse and enjoyable than the early Goku's, but that's a preference. If you find the fights boring in this new game, you are probably a novice to fighters and button mashed, so let me give you a few tips to make things more enjoyable. Look over your full moveset, use it, use your specials, use aura burst, use pursuit attacks, and go airborne. Long list, I know.

DBZ:BL really impressed me today, especially since I walked into it not expecting too much. This is a must have for any DBZ fan, and definitely a try for any fighting fan. It has all of the qualities of a fast paced fighter and is extremely faithful to the Dragonball Z franchise. It was the most fun I ever had with a DBZ game, playing the Raditz fight about 10 times and the Saibamen around 5, and this was only a demo. You really have to try everything you can to enjoy this game, because once you get all of the controls and techniques down, it becomes an incredibly fun fighter. I won't be able to pick this up first day, but I WILL pick it up eventually. For those of you who are, look for it on store shelves on June 10, for 360 & PS3.

EDIT: I went this whole time without an "OVER 9000" joke, I'm proud of myself.


Jayge said...

I was pretty impressed with it too. While I didn't really see much engine difference (as I remarked to you in the GTA lobby), the fight speeds definitely seemed more DBZ-like. I may definitely spring for a used copy eventually (maybe sooner rather than later, depending on whether or not I get NG2). Maybe not though. Gotta save up for a PS3.

Anonymous said...

I'm not much of a "fighter" type.

And you should've played the demo OVAR 9000 TIMEZ!

Sir.Mindless said...

Actually sounds pretty cool. I love DBZ just got session one for $28 used. I might get this.

Jayge said...

You gots a big head, Devin. :-P

DW said...

I really liked this.

as the blog on my post showed. And yeah, i'm gonna get it at launch i imagine.