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May 4, 2008


First off, I would like to apologize to anybody who visits this blog for my irresponsibility in it's upkeep. With that said, I think that all of our authors have been distracted by GTA IV, and that's why this place hasn't had a non-link or video post in ages. I'm truly addicted to GTA IV, after already clocking in 26 single player hours, and who knows how many multiplayer hours. I haven't really been on the internet at all, but my addiction should slow next week to the point where I can start regularly writing again. I expect every writer to get over this addiction, because I can't keep this up by myself.

As for the Official GTA IV Review, it may be a while, this is the biggest game I've ever played and I want to cover it all. Until next time, friends, see ya later.


Anonymous said...


Also, Streets.

Tha Pirateninja said...

Ice cold genetically different red army shit man.