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June 30, 2008

Trophies and In-Game XMB? What More Can We Ask For?

Just recently, Eric Lempel (director of PlayStation network operations) has released a video demonstrating in-game xmb and the trophy system that will soon be released to the gaming community. This is big news to PlayStation owners since this is what they have been waiting for ever since the launch of the PlayStation 3. The new 2.4 update will include the following that have been confirmed so far:
-In-game xmb
-In-game music
-In-game messaging
-A display of the date and time
-The trophy system
-New display of gamer profile
-Search feature

The expectation of the arrival for 2.4 will be July 2nd. Here are the following videos that were posted on the PlayStation blog:

Part 1


After 2.4, what more can PlayStation owners ask for? All I can ever think of is in-game pictures and videos.


Jayge said...

Private chats, voice messages, and that's pretty much it. Once you have that, it'll be like free XBL for the most part.

Anonymous said...

We might get voice messages if we ask for it enough, but private chats in game is most definitely not going to happen.

Jayge said...

Cross-game invitation could have been added too.

Lord, I thought that update was better than it was. Better luck on the next one, guys.