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June 2, 2008

Summer is here: PS3 - Weekly/Monthly Feed

Well, spring has already closed to an end and now the big event of summer and fall games are about to come. It's going to be a spectacular time for gamers since games such as, Battlefield: Bad Company, Gear of War 2, MGS4, Guitar Hero 4, Socom Confrontation, etc are coming to town. So gamers, get your controllers ready this summer because it's going to be a blast.

Now what exactly will we be exactly expecting for the ps3 this month?

-Due to a leaked video of update 2.40, people will be expecting to have 2d trophies, in-game xmb, and in-game music which will be released on the days of June 11-20.

-Upcoming games:
  • June 3: Grid
  • June 3: Ninja Gaiden II
  • June 3: Kung Fu Panda
  • June 3: Lego Indiana Jones
  • June 3: The Bourne Conspiracy
  • June 5: Fatal Ineteria EX
  • June 5: The Incredible Hulk
  • June 10: Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit
  • June 10: Nascar 09
  • June 12: Metal Gear Solid 4
  • June 23: Battlefield: Bad Company
  • June 23: Top Spin
  • June 24: Hail to the Chimp
  • June 24: Hell Boy
  • June 24: Overlord
  • June 24: Wall-E
  • June 29: Guitar Hero: Aerosmith
That is all I have for today, stay tuned this month for more Weekly/Monthly feeds on other consoles besides the PS3.


Anonymous said...

Bioshock AND in-game xmb all in one video? Now thats what I call a leak.

Diamond Visi0n said...

Bioshock is not coming to Ps3 get over it! Microsoft paid big money to keep exclusive.

Tha Pirateninja said...

Mike, shut up.

Jayge said...

Not just a leak, Josh. A structural breach that may drown people with the overflow.

Great to see you posting, Megashaman.

I'm really happy for all the PS3 users. In-game XMB is one of the huge steps Sony needs to take to start competing with Xbox LIVE, and they look ready to take it.

Also, Diamond Vision is an idiot.

Sir.Mindless said...

weee I am getting a PS3 next friday and get MGS4. I'm happy