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June 2, 2008

Polls Closed, New Category System

I would first like to thank every single one of you for following the site so far. It has been a fun ride, but we still have an exciting year of gaming ahead of us.

Lets get down to business, shall we? Up above you will see the pie chart I made to sum up the results for our most recent poll. As you see MGS4 takes a huge percent of the pie chart, 39%, or 16 votes. Which reminds to say that I am simply amazed that a small blog like ours brought in 41 votes.

This piece of news is more for our authors than our readers, but nevertheless I'll tell you anyway. Within the next 24 hours of this post I will update some of the blogs interface and add categories in the form of labels. So authors, this means that those labels that you put at the end of you post will, from now on, be labeled with previously used categories, or if you think that your new label will be a category that will be used later on, go ahead and submit it.

If that totally made no sense what so ever than let me say it a little simpler. Instead of putting random things in the label field put one of the previously used categories of a new category which will be used later on.

Well, there you go, another insight on how AAF is getting better and better everyday.


Jayge said...

Better? I can't put random words that would normally string into an insulting sentence regarding my topic as the labels anymore?

What are we, DW's?

DW said...

Shh you. We are pro :P

Anonymous said...

No jayge, I think your random set of labels that somehow string into an insult are NOT better.

Well, I'm gonna get started now.

DW said...

Your link is working on DW's reload.

Anonymous said...


Jayge said...

You know I love you, Jake :-)

Whatever you say, Josh... whatever you say.